High seas fleet

The Freiremar Group fleet currently operates 14 freezer vessels (trawlers, longliners, etc.) with a gross registered tonnage of over 13,000 tonnes.

Most of the fleet is base in Las Palmas on the Canary Islands due to the strategic location of the island with the African fishing grounds, while the other vessels "tie up" in Vigo.

Freiremar vessels sail the seas worldwide to catch the best fish and seafood in the large oceanic grounds.


Quality and technology

Ultrafrozen at sea thanks to the leading edge technology on board our factory ships, to reach land preserving all their original qualities intact.

Our demands for maximum quality start with the careful selection of the product we catch, but also affect each and every stage of a long controlled process to meet the requirements of the end consumer.


Fishing grounds in the 7 oceans

Freiremar operates in the most important fishing grounds in the world: from the Falkland Islands, Argentina to the banks off the African continent, including Canada and Boston, our vessels operate with the commitment to bring the fish freshness and taste from the oceans.

Our 14 factory ships, have made us rank as the leading shipowner company of freezer fishing vessels flying the Spanish flag.